Stadtteilklinik Hamburg

We stand for fairness, tolerance, quality and cohesion. This is reflected in our campaigns, projects and cooperation.

Your benefits

  • Bicycle hire through the employer
  • Benefits Pass - an employer-financed prepaid shopping card
  • Subsidies for company pension
  • Subsidies for capital-forming benefits
  • Regular health days
  • Education and training
  • Coffee and water
  • and much more
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Diversity enriches

We have signed the Charter of Diversity, which displays a clear sign of tolerance and respect.

This attitude, along with our high quality standards, makes us a reliable partner for our employees.

In turn, our employees make us the market leader. We owe our success to their commitment, reliability and expertise.

We believe that a corporate culture should always be the guideline for the actions of our employees and attach importance to trusting, respectful and open interaction with each other.

We believe that optimal cooperation requires us to accept each other as we are. Diversity enriches and is part of our corporate culture.

The Diversity Charter is an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies. Learn more about the Diversity Charter at