Stadtteilklinik Hamburg

The SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg organises fundraisers and supports social and community initiatives in the surrounding area in Hamburg.

Gesundheitslauf Hamburg

Gesundheitslauf Hamburg is an annual charity run that has been taking place since 2015 and offers a diverse information and fringe programme discussing health and fitness. Anyone who enjoys and is interested in healthy living is welcome to join.

Participants run and walk for a good cause. There is no registration fee, however, anyone is welcome to donate. 100% of donations are passed on.

So far, the following non-profit associations and social projects in Hamburg have been supported.

More information can be found under Gesundheitslauf Hamburg and in the News.

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Fördergemeinschaft Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg e.V. – child cancer support

Fördergemeinschaft Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg e.V. – child cancer support

The children’s cancer centre in Hamburg is one of the largest facilities in Germany and was founded in 1975 by the parents of children suffering from cancer. Around 600 children each year are treated as in-patients and outpatients at the paediatric haematology and oncology clinic at Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). One main focus of our therapy is treating leukaemia and brain tumours. The association’s aim is to stand by the children affected and their families during this stressful time and improve their lives with funding projects.

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Christoph Lohfert Foundation

Christoph Lohfert Foundation

The Christoph Lohfert Foundation, formed in 2010, is located in the centre of Hamburg. The charitable foundation is committed to patient safety and orientation, as well as to the quality of treatment in hospitals by awarding the Lohfert Prize worth 20,000 euros annually. The Lohfert Prize from the Christoph Lohfert Foundation supports projects working to improve communications and organisational structures within hospitals. Its aim is to put the sick person, their needs and their interests back at the heart of medical care.

More information at https://www.christophlohfert-s...

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NIK e.V.

NIK e.V.

The Netzwerk Autoimmunerkrankter is a patient initiative founded in Hamburg to support those affected by autoimmune diseases and their relatives. Upon diagnosis with an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatism or chronic inflammatory bowel disease, this association offers help with all diseases. The aim is to provide relief, counsel and certainty surrounding treatment, and, above all, help patients retain or regain quality of life.

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Frühbetreuung (early care), Integration, Prävention (prevention), Stadtteilarbeit (district work) – FIPS is a district project run by the Förderverein zur Integration behinderter und nicht behinderter Kinder Mümmelmannsberg e.V (association for the integration of disabled and non-disabled children Mümmelmannsberg). The Mümmelmannsberg team provides local care, support and advice to disabled children and their families, as well as those threatened by disability and marginalisation.

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Hände für Kinder e.V.

Hände für Kinder e.V.

Hände für Kinder e.V. is a charitable funding association. It offers families with disabled children the opportunity to go on holiday and recuperate from their often-stressful everyday lives, with all-round care provided for their disabled children.

Colleagues from ZytoService Deutschland GmbH, also a member of the alanta health group GmbH, even helped out during summer 2019. The company group donated a summer house to the association for Christmas. Hände für Kinder e.V. enthusiastically constructed it on the property.

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SC Europa 1992 e V Fussballmannschaft

SC Europa 1992 e.V.

Sport Club Europa 1992 e.V. is located in the district of Mümmelmannsberg. The youth team is managed by motivated and dedicated trainers whose focus is to make sure everyone has fun. The SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg is happy to provide support and kitted out the team with a strip.

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International Festival of Friendship

The International Festival of Friendship takes place every year in the sculpture courtyard on Kandinskyallee in the Hamburg district of Mümmelmannsberg.

As well as a diverse cultural programme with contributions from all over the world, an international buffet, a variety of music such as samba, belly dancing and Turkish folklore, healthcare companies from the district also have a chance to introduce themselves.

The SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg also attends with a stand, providing information about the services and specialisations on offer. The medical specialists are available for personal discussions with their patients and are happy to answer any questions.

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Behinderten- und Rehabilitations-Sportverband Hamburg e.V.

Since 1977, Behinderten- und Rehabilitations-Sportverband Hamburg e.V. (BRS Hamburg) has been the specialist sporting association for disabled and rehabilitation sport in Hamburg. It is a member of the Hamburg Sports Confederation (HSB) and the German Disabled Sports Federation (DBS).

The SKH Stadtteilklinik supports development of the Sportgruppenhefts 2020 and 2021 booklet from BRS Hamburg for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

More information on the sports federation and their fields of activity can be found at BRS Hamburg.

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