Stadtteilklinik Hamburg

At the SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg, we offer our patients basic inpatient care across various medical fields in a personal, familiar environment.

The SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg is located in a densely populated, multicultural district of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

It sees itself as a bridge between outpatient care provided by resident general practitioners and specialists and inpatient care in a large hospital.

The doctors at SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg provide basic medical inpatient care in the local area. One special feature is the opportunity for short-term inpatient general medical care (STATAmed).

Dr. med. Tjark Frederik Schwemer

Oskar-Schlemmer-Str. 9-17
22115 Hamburg

Tel 040 71591 233
Fax 040 71588 38

The SKH combines outpatient and inpatient care.

Comfortable facilities

The clinic provides 15 beds for inpatient care to which the affiliated doctors, who specialise in internal medicine, ear, nose and throat medicine, surgery/orthopaedics and gynaecology, can admit their patients. The clinic has a fully equipped operating theatre as well as attractive, modern one-, two- and three-bed rooms offering outstanding comfort to patients. In addition to the affiliated doctors, there are two ward doctors, a team of on-call doctors and an experienced nursing team continuously looking after our patients.

Personal care

Our particular strength in offering personal care in a familiar environment with the best possible integration of all attending doctors and our professional, linguistic and cultural expertise enables us to offer our patients high-quality basic care in a familiar atmosphere. We are particularly experienced and prepared when it comes to providing medical and nursing care for older patients and those with language barriers and preparing them for further care at home after discharge.

Cross-sector synergy

The trusting and flexible cooperation between the SKH team and the colleagues making the referrals allows for the best possible treatment process for our patients.

We offer the largest possible medical certainty for our patients: If our diagnostic and therapeutic resources are insufficient, we take on the function of a “Portalklinik”. In close cooperation with the colleagues making the referrals, we present the appropriate patients to the neighbouring cooperating clinic along with all the necessary information. Close contact with our patients and the colleagues making referrals is very important to us, as is ensuring smooth continued treatment and follow-up care.

We are members of the Gesundheit für Billstedt/Horn UG network and work closely with the medical practices, nursing services, clinics and the walk-in centre.