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Ears and noses are important bodily organs that are responsible for more than just hearing and smelling. The ear influences our balance. Impaired hearing, pain and chronic tinnitus may accompany psychological stress.

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Dr. med. Egbert Happe
Consultant for ENT medicine and sleep medicine

SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg offers both outpatient and inpatient operations in ear, nose and throat medicine.

All surgical therapies are performed, from adenoidectomy to lingual frenulum plastic surgery. We offer inpatient follow-up care even for outpatient operations, especially in the case of children.

In addition to the beds for ENT surgery officially recognised in the Hamburg City bed plan, we also have an ultra-modern sleep laboratory. Sleep disorders can lead to a shortened life expectancy and involve considerable risks that those affected may not always be aware of. We specialise in treating sleep disorders and offer operative and non-operative methods.

If you have any questions, please arrange an appointment at the practice.


  • Diagnostics incl. endoscopy of the upper airways, possibly under anaesthetic
  • Allergy diagnosis and providing SIT (specific immunotherapy); patient consultation in cooperation with allergy specialists
  • Auditory threshold definition, incl. all neuro-otological procedures
  • Auditory threshold and speech development definition in children; own speech therapy consultation hour
  • Hearing device provision with audiological assistant
  • Tongue pacemaker for CPAP incompatibility
  • Vertigo diagnostics and vertigo training in cooperation with the in-house physiotherapy department
  • Diagnosis of swallowing disorders including FEES ® (video endoscopic swallowing diagnostics)
  • Diagnosis of general sleep disorders in our own ultra-modern sleep laboratory
  • CPAP care ((Continuous Positive Airway Pressure ventilator) and technician consultation
  • Sleep endoscopy in case of surgical therapy questions
  • All surgical therapies - from adenoidectomy to lingual frenulum plasty - carried out by the practice owner; surgical interventions with increased post-operative care are carried out by the practice owner in a major ENT department.
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Dr. med. Egbert Happe

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