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Stellungnahme der alanta health group GmbH

Hamburg, 20 December 2019 – Proceedings are currently underway in Hamburg against alanta health group GmbH, which also includes ZytoService Deutschland GmbH and SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg GmbH with its affiliated “medical care centres” (Medizinische Versorgungszentren – MVZ) in Germany.

The investigations focus on the permissibility of the care model that was selected and practiced. The company would like to make the following comments on the allegations that have been made:

“First and foremost, our top priority is to provide high-quality care to all patients. This care has been guaranteed by us at all times and will continue to be guaranteed in the future. We feel that it is important to stress that all oncologists have therapeutic freedom that is guaranteed by law. We have not interfered with this therapeutic freedom at any time or urged anyone to do so. The medical care centres affiliated with SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg GmbH are medically completely independent. We are convinced that the doctors and medical staff provide their patients with the best possible care in accordance with the currently valid therapy guidelines.

Patient care via medical care centres is one of the cornerstones of out-patient care, and is something which has been called for by policy-makers. Germanytoday has more than 3,000 medical care centres in different medical disciplines and with different funding institutions.

The business model of alanta health group GmbH is in full compliance with applicable laws. In particular, all medical care centres have been approved with final effect via legally-specified approval procedures. We accordingly consider all the allegations that are currently being levelled to be groundless, and we expressly reject them. We will discuss this with the public prosecution office and the competent authorities. We are convinced that we will be able to completely dispel the allegations in this regard.

We are unable to ascertain at this point in time to what extent the care provided to patients in our medical care centres might have caused economic damage. We will also clarify this matter with the competent authorities and the health insurance funds.

alanta health group GmbH has compliance guidelines. Compliance is actively practiced at alanta health group GmbH. There are currently no indications that these guidelines have been violated in our companies.”

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Susanne Hacker

Head of Marketing & Communication

alanta health group GmbH

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